The ZIPCHOCK STAND (CDN Patent #3143165, US and International Patent Pending) is an entirely new and unique concept, designed for the largest and heaviest motorcycle.

The front wheel is tightly and securely “sandwiched” between two adjustable steel plates, pre-set to the exact width of the tire, holding the vehicle perfectly upright.

With shallow ramps, rolling the vehicle in and out requires very little effort.

Assembly, disassembly and adjustment are all done by hand (not a single tool required) and in just a few seconds.

The stand is also easily installed in a transport trailer.

Why Zipchock?

This inventor could not find on the market a motorcycle wheel stand (wheelchock) where an owner of large motorcycles could roll the vehicle in and out without effort and that could offer an absolute stable stance.

Also, the inventor could not find stands specifically designed for the E-bike market.

The ZIPCHOCK Stand is the result of 3 years of development.

It can be designed to fit any 2-wheel vehicles (motorcycles, scooters, e-bikes or pedal bikes) including motorcycles with outsized tires.