The ZIPCHOCK STAND (Patent pending) is a breakthrough concept: the front wheel is “sandwiched” between two steel plates pre-adjusted to the exact width of the tire, holding the vehicle perfectly upright.

With shallow ramps, rolling the vehicle in and out requires very little effort, even for the heaviest of motorcycle.

Assembly, disassembly or adjustment is all done by hand (not a single tool required) and in just a few seconds.

With the available adaptor kit, the STAND is easily installed in a transport trailer.

Why Zipchock?

This inventor could not find on the market a motorcycle wheel stand where an owner of large motorcycles could roll the vehicle in and out without significant effort and that could offer an absolute stable stance.

Also, the inventor could not find stands specifically designed for the E-bike market.

The ZIPCHOCK Stand offers a design that secures the vehicle in a perfectly vertical position, the front tire snugly fit between 2 rigid side plates.

The front wheel is rolled onto a gentle up ramp and comes to rest on a slight down slope, the gravity preventing rollback.

The Zipchock Stand is quickly assembled by hand without the need for any tools; it can be as quickly disassembled to store or transport in a utility trailer.