The Zipchock stand is the perfect design for 2-wheels vehicles: from the largest motorcycles to small ones, for e-bikes and pedal bikes.

The stand holds the vehicle in an upright and secured position, the front tire fitting snugly between 2 rigid metal plates.

It simulates a centre stand and so reduces storage space; facilitates cleaning and repairs.

One can also lock the vehicle to the stand, limiting theft.

Why Zipchock?

This inventor could not find on the market a wheel stand designed with ease of use in mind for the largest motorcycles (1700- 1800 cc engines and up).

There are no stands specifically designed for the e-bikes.

The ZIPCHOCK stand offers a design that secures a 2-wheel vehicle in a perfectly vertical position, the front tire snug fit between 2 rigid side plates.

The front wheel is rolled onto a gentle up ramp and comes to rest on a down slope, the gravity preventing rollback.

The Zipchock stand is quickly assembled by hand without any tools and can be as quickly disassembled to store or transport.

It fits tires of a variety of diameters and width.