The ZIPCHOCK standHeavy Duty model – is designed to support the ultra heavy motorcycles. The floor is such that little effort is required to roll-in and out of.

 Other models will fit better medium and light weight motorcycles and off-road bikes.  

With the ZIPCHOCK stand, the motorcycle is parked in a nearly perfect vertical position, reducing parking space and for ease of maintenance and cleaning.

It is easily assembled (no tools required) and is also designed to be mounted in a utility trailer.

To fit tire sizes 80 to 140 (MH to MT)

Motorcycle in place

4 steel plates (front, floor and 2 sides), 1 plastic plate, 1 bolt

The floor plate is connected to the front plate with a slight twist

The 2 side plates are installed, the bolt inserted under the floor plate and the gap plate also installed to fit the tire width

How to assemble the ZIPCHOCK stand for motorcycles

Insert the floor plate into the front plate with a gentle twist

Install the side plates to fit the tire width.

Place the large bolt under the floor plate; this effectively locks all 4 plates as an assembly.

Mount the plastic gap plate to the front plate.

Adjust the gap plate to fit the tire.

Adjust the large bolt to fit the tire