The ZIPCHOCK STAND is specifically designed for the largest bikes (touring, cruisers, baggers)!

It fits all tires from 85 mm to 145 mm wide (3.3 to 5.7 inches) and a large range of rim diameters.

These sizes cover an estimated 97 to 99 % of all road-type motorcycles in North America.

The Zipchock Stand is designed to “sandwich” the tire between 2 rigid steel plates.

The wheel rolls up on a very shallow ramp and comes to rest on a slight decline, gravity preventing roll-back.

Ths Zipchock Stand is assembled (no tools needed), ready to adjust to the tire

The top of the Gauge measures the width of the tire; the bottom sets the Zipchock to this exact width.

Infinite adjustment between 85 and 145 mm (3.3 and 5.7 inches).

For Assembly, 1): Insert the Floor Plate (2) into the Front Plate (1) with a slight twist

2): install the Left Side Plate (3) and the two Adjusting Plates (4) and (5).

3): Install the Right Side Plate (6) in the outer groove (A) for larger tires or inner groove (B) for narrower tires. Install the Bottom Bolt (7) loosely; this  locks the assembly.

4): Now adjust the gap to fit the tire by sliding the two Adjusting Plates (4) and (5)

Front Adjustment Plate (4): sliding the Plate down causes the Left Side Plate (3) to move to the right, and vice-versa.


There are 4 major pieces, cut from steel plates, bent and painted.

They are assembled much like a puzzle; adding a high strength bolt locks them as a unit.

Two small plates (plastic) attached to the front plate are used to set the opening to the exact fit of the tire.